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4 iPad Apps for Sales People and Marketing

The iPad is said to revolutionize the way we view content. Some say it will replace the PC and mobile completely, some say it is just another fad that will die out in time. Either way, the iPad is a highly innovative addition to the Apple empire, so it is worth considering as both a personal and in this case a business tool.

If you are considering buying an iPad and finding out how it could potentially work for your business, then below are 4 critical applications that are practical for sales and marketing and are effective in getting you started.

MS Outlook for iPad

Email is probably one of the most important iPad apps for any sales people or marketing professionals. But Apple has super strict policies about its relationship with Microsoft, so you are bound to find some restrictions when using Microsoft products with products such as the iPad. However, someone has built a custom application that lets you connect to use Microsoft Outlook 2003 on your iPad (the only thing is that you need MS 2003, which was actually a pretty good version).

ms outlook on an ipad

SalesForce for iPad

SalesForce is one of my favourite applications for managing and generating new leads on the go. SalesForce offers access to customer data real time from your iPad. You are able to integrate with your existing account and link to other devices, such as your iPhone.

Box – Share and Access files Anywhere

This is one of those iPad apps that is great for business file sharing. Sales people can send files in real time to their team or clients without the complexity found in other file sharing business apps. This would be ideal in situations where you need to send a file on a one-off basis, for example sending a copy of a contract to one of your team members or manager before an important meeting, rather than emailing it, you are also able to receive real time feedback and comment on the file itself.

Square – Accept Payments Anywhere

Whether you own a small retail outlet or a global corporation with an army of sales people, Square is definitely something worth checking out. Square is an iPad application that allows you to accept credit card payments anywhere and anytime through your iPad. Square works by attaching a small plugin device to the iPad which allows you to easily swipe credit cards which are further processed through a payment gateway. It can have numerous marketing applications, one example is accepting payments from door-to-door sales reps which could save a lot of time processing invalid credit cards.

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