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Android Not So Cool

Google recently disclosed some new figures in relation to its Android operating system which spark disappointment in the eyes of the global giant.

Android app sales are low and this is hurting developers trying to make an income. Interestingly, Android also offers a much larger collection of free apps when compared to rival Apple. Eric chu, Google’s group manager for the Android platform says “We’re definitely not happy with the purchases in the Android Market,”.

A critical change that Chu is considering is to implement an in-app payment system, which will let end users pay for the app, for various add-ons, virtual goods (such as virtual currency, weapons in an online game etc), this will all happen conveniently within the app itself, instead of using a separate payment system.

This in-app payment experience is hopefully the solution to the decreasing app sales seen over the coming months. Android will hopefully boost developer interest, especially amongst developers that are trying to monetize their apps rather than endlessly waiting for future opportunities.

Below is a look at the overall history and evolution of Android over the past years:

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