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Anti-bullying start up crowdsources antibullying

In a recent outpour of generosity for a video that went viral depicting an elderly woman – Karen Klein – being tromented by some middle school teens, a number of questions have started surfacing. How common is bullying is society?

What is being done to stop and prevent bullying? How has Karen Klein made us aware that social media can be used as a tool to turn bullying on its feet..

In the midst of these questions, a new start up called bullyvenge have come out of stealth mode in response to Karen Klein and taken the challenge to stop bullying using social media as the main weapon.

Bullyvenge ( is an anti-bullying start up that provides a crowdsourced platform for taking non violent actions against bullying (they call it “crowdjustice”)

They have created a platform and associated HTML5 mobile app that enables people to upload real life footage of bullying incidents and take action

Their approach to crowdsourcing works like this:

Video footage of bullying incidents is uploaded, once uploaded our community work together to

i) identify who was involved,
ii) collaborate on ways to bring justice
iii) create “Actions” that promote justice –

“Actions” can include things like

i) creating campaigns (i.e. Indiegogo),
ii) facebook pages/microsites
iii) making contact with the bully(s)
iv) supporting the victim or anything else that helps the victim and promotes anti-bullying

The start up is giving out some early private beta invites and have only officially launched in the last week with over 20,000+ new users already signed up.

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2 Responses to " Anti-bullying start up crowdsources antibullying "

  1. Danny says:

    Those kids didnt even fully apologise properly, makes me sick to see a helpless elderly woman being treated like that and just taking the insults with fear that she would lose here job if she took control of the situation.. real sad stuff :(

  2. Adam Fraser says:

    Just a heads up the invite codes to Bullyvenge and for Favoroo are available for 1000 people only

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