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Different iPhone App for Business Cards

Business networking requires business cards, its the simplest most effective way to exchange information and one of the most ingrained social norms in any business setting. Ever wondered how ideal much more simpler it would be if everyone had a smart phone or better yet an iPhone and an app to exchange digital business cards? Well that would be ideal, but it ain’t going to happen any time soon! So whats the next best thing, an iPhone app that lets you scan a business card and transforms that image into relevant contact information which is saved in the cloud (or your iPhone).

This is now a reality thanks to a new iPhone app called CardMunch. Sure there are a ton of apps out there that deal with digital business cards, but what makes this app so interesting is its ability to convert images to contact information, meaning the other person doesn’t need an iPhone or smartphone to foster the exchange.

So how does this app work?

Well, its not too fancy in fact. They use real human workers to manually convert your image into business card information. Sounds a bit stone agey, but they are fairly fast in their conversions.

Secondly, they chard per business card processed. A total of $0.25 per business card.

What surprises me is how do they actually make money? They must have very low margins or maybe expecting to reach some economies of scale… who knows! Either way its an app I would definitley use at my next big conference!

Watch the video below for more information on how the application works.

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Overview of CardMunch in 21 Seconds from CardMunch on Vimeo.

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