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Enterprise Mobility, why it matters

The Enterprise Mobility market is now on the verge of a fundamental shift. There are many corporations, having large mobile workforces in field and sales services. Most of the mobile workers have little or no access to the core business of their organization. Remote accessing is the main issue for big organization who deals in both Sales force and Field force automation.

Enterprise Mobility Application can be the solution when you think of what ways it can and will transform the nature and practices of work, organizational cultures, business processes, supply chains, enterprises, ROI and potentially entire markets. This solution is the different way where users can access to information on the network and even being outside the network.

Now technology is getting matured and industry consolidation along with that, have been pushing Enterprise Mobility products and services to the threshold of adoption by the business mainstream. Today’s Enterprise Mobility market is a web of multifaceted interactions in which leading products, services, providers, and customers are still emerging.

Manual vs. Mobile enabled business process depicts the picture of productivity, data integrity, sales performance, customer relationship, better inventory management etc. For an example, a salesperson, who has to make a voice call to the corporate office to enquire whether an item he is selling is in stock or not. Typically he would make this call in the middle of his sales negotiation with the prospect. If he manages to close the deal, he would manually fill up the order form, which he would either hand deliver to the corporate office at the end of his day or if the organization is slightly tech savvy, he would fax it to the corporate office. The inefficiencies in this communication approach are apparent.

Imagine if the corporation had implemented the solution – the Salesperson in our example would be equipped with a smartphone having this application installed in it – to enquire about the stock information. He would key in the item code in the stock query application running on his phone, which would instantly provide the inventory status by querying the database in real time. Even the purchase order can be filled up and be uploaded to the corporation’s sales order processing application at the backend. If a sale were made, the Salesperson would fill up the order form on his PDA, which would be uploaded to the corporation’s sales order processing application at the backend.

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