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Top 3 Collective Buying /Daily Deal Software Packages

There are a lot of daily deal software products on the market. Some software providers provide functional and well designed software architecture with scalable backends whilst others provide cheap buggy scripts written with outdated software practices and developed with non reputable software development standards.

If you are starting a deals business one thing that is required is to make a decision about the software you want to use

Below is a list of 3 of the most popular providers of collective buying software / daily deal software which has been rated from a list of about 15 different providers. The ratings are based on overall software performance, scalability, customer support and overall functionality.

Coupsta offers a scalable system that gives small businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to manage deals, side deals, email programs, advertisements, cities, client / merchant portal automation and a whole bunch of other features similar to Groupon and Living social.

The thing I like about Coupsta is that you can completely customize your deals site to meet your own unique design and not just slap on  a reusable template/skin. Additionally, they provide you with full control over your data including the option to access the source code, this can be critical if you are serious about building a deals site which you have complete control whilst expecting fast growth and flexibility.

Having access to the source code is important if you want to later on customize the platform to suite your changing needs and also if you want to be free to hire your own developers and designers without being locked into using the software providers services (which may give the provider freedom to charge what ever they want)

In addition, the system is relatively affordable and provides a clean and efficient user interface without clusters of features whilst offering a fairly diverse list of functionality that can be extended beyond the standard features. They also offer a number of plugins and have outsourcing development and design services.

The company was founded by ex Groupon and Living social executives and offers a platform tailored to large companies or publishers who are looking for ways to monetize their audience.  They also provide services to publishers and media outlets who need more than just a website rather requiring a whole heap of other services. The system has various features including managing deals, user management and has most of the necessities to get started with a daily deal software package including the added benefit of outsourcing your entire sales and marketing department.

If you require other additional services, they have a range of different services that align with the daily deal software they have on offer.They have quite a diverse list of additional services that are great if you need an outsourced partner that can collaborate on certain work.

The thing I like about Refingly is that you can outsource everything you need to run a deals site if you have the money. You do not need to hire sales or marketing people, they have experienced on demand staff with years of experience specifically in the deals market. If you can fork out between $20,000 – $30,000 set up fee and another few thousand a month this option is very ideal, in addition to getting access to the source code and controlling your data as you grow.

They provide a range of features required to set up a fully functional daily deal program. You can manage your deals in various locations, multiple deals and process payments. Unlike the other providers they offer the software as a service meaning that you do not purchase the software outright.

The platform has various features from setting up deals, selecting locations, side deals, location setting, scheduling offers, managing subscribers, selecting flash deals to promote and more.

This is a viable solution as long as you are fine with paying a commission fee.

How to make the Decision?

1. Commission vs One Time based pricing: Commission pricing or fixed pricing will depend on your requirements for you daily deal software, so you need to weigh the pro’s and con’s of each pricing structure

2. Do you get source code: The source code refers to the actual code that was used to write the deals platform. This is very valuable in the long run as you grow your business you want to make sure you have complete control over your data and that you can easily hire your own designer or developer as an option

3. Do they offer customization?: I find this pretty important as you never know where you take your business now or in the future, you would want some customization support that allows you to potentially tailor the daily deal software to changing market conditions.

4. Do they offer ongoing releases. Sometimes going for the cheapest solution may not always be the best solution, there are a ton of cheap “deal/clone scripts” which usually means under developed or lack of ongoing service

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12 Responses to " Top 3 Collective Buying /Daily Deal Software Packages "

  1. Stephany Lington says:

    I have set up my kids clothing deals site with Coupsta for over 2 years and the guys have been great!

  2. Margarett Ying says:

    Thank you so much for this!! I have had way too many headaches with trying find a reliable provider. I had a major problem with an indian company where they promised they would integrate my gateway but they later decided that once they took my money they could no longer provide any service!! There are too many companies out there who are just trying to sell you the software and offer no actual support, thanks again for this list

  3. Pete Riley says:

    Commission based sites are serious rip offs, taking 10 – 15% of sales plus paying merchants and ontop of that any tax / gateway fees will mean earning basically nothing in the end

  4. James Brevott says:

    Started and settled with Coupsta .. had to change 3 times from cheap buggy scripts, waste of time and money

  5. Damien Hollands says:

    I have to agree that commission-based companies are just plain silly. Unless you are just starting a really small business and you have absolutley no cash to actually put into buying the software then I guess you can sacrifice your revenue…. but for people actually wanting to start a proper business owning the software I personally think is better

  6. Maxim says:

    definitely not a fan of commission based deals sites, seems attractive at the start but for someone to take a chunk of my revenue just for providing software doesn’t seem right..

  7. Trev Alton says:

    I have had a problem with Software as a Service based deals platforms (aka commission platforms), they seem desirable at first since you do not pay outright for the software but later on when you become successful they did not let me export my own customer data and wanted me to pay thousands of dollars to pay for the data even though the sales rep told me that I could take the data when ever I wanted, better to buy the software and have complete control

  8. Megan Debrin says:

    I purchased a platform that offered multiple business concepts all packaged into one platform, but the platform didnt function as the demo and when I wanted to get it fixed they wanted to charge me thousands just for the fixes! I seriously just gave up in the end

  9. Jess Wilkins says:

    I have had quite a bit of trouble finding a script that actually works! I had started with an indian company which completely screwed up all my sales due to some gateway bug which they didn’t even want to fix, charged me hundreds extra and still didn’t work in the end!! Support was poor and only lasted for 3 months, which was ironically less than the time it took to get the job done! Waste of money and time, had to change to another provider and get my money back…anyway thanks for this list!

  10. Jason Elsington says:

    @Jess.. I know a couple of people having the same problem, and its definitely not something you want when you are trying to launch a business from scratch..

    I started my car deals site with Coupsta and the guys have provided absolutely amazing service and easy to use software, although a little pricey for custom work so decided to hire a programmer myself to work on their software which kind of worked out cheaper

  11. Debra Forrester says:

    Thank you for the review!

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